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ISO Childseat Anchors

Our RV Folding Seat kit is designed to work easily with our AMF Bruns 6 Rail Flooring system and can be folded to store in a garage or under a panel bed. Upgrade your seat to include 2 armrests that can be installed on either side of the seat, depending on your unique needs. When the seats are taken out of the vehicle, you can easily move them around with the built-in casters. 

The AMF Bruns Smartseat products bring an unmatched level of safety to your passengers. These seats undergo rigorous testing in order to meet the EU directives for M1 regulations and requirements. 

To achieve an M1 approval:

  • The seat must not only be tested as an individual unit but also as a complete full system installed in the vehicle which you intend to fit the seats into. During the tensile stress testing process, the built-in safety restraints and anchoring points are exposed to approximately 3.5 tons of force and a traction machine loads the seat with 1350 kg on each belt section.
  • The functionality of a belt is just part of the test, now it includes other criteria such as the tension for speed, angle, and acceleration, this is all conducted through cycle tests. In addition to a dynamic and static tensile test, the behavior of all functions needs to be tested along with temperature variations, water saturation, and resistance to dust.
  • Last, the seatback and headrests are tested using a rig that replicates the shape of a person and subjects the seatback to a force of 53 Nm. One of the most important tests is the Dynamic sled test where the seat must be tested in front and rear-facing applications and must withstand a force of 20G. Sled tests now include two loose blocks impacting the rear of the seats to simulate loose luggage or boxes hitting the seat during a crash.

This level of testing and certification is rarely seen anywhere else in the industry. Van builders can and will sell seats from other manufacturers but they can rarely guarantee the performance of their products in a collision, nor can they demonstrate that their products are crash-test certified for the application.  

* Seats are for use with AMF Bruns floors ONLY

**Freight will be calculated and charged at shipping

*** Smartseats are also available with Iso-Latch for securing a child seat for added safety.

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