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Shelving Package

Van Shelving Designed To Improve Your Organization and Productivity

Could your commercial van benefit from the freedom gained from shelving that features a modular design and creates organizational solutions tailored for your business? Look to the industry’s most innovative, lightweight, and durable van shelves: Knapheide Van Equipment (KVE). The modern appearances of the KVE van shelving modules complement the current and new generations of commercial cargo vans alike.

KVE van shelving is a unique system constructed of lightweight materials that minimally impacts the available payload for your commercial cargo van, enabling you to carry more. Unlike the competition, the base van shelving packages come equipped with a row of S-Boxes, which serve both as van drawers and mobile toolboxes, giving you more value and function. A variety of van storage bins, van accessories, van partitions, and vocational packages can be used in conjunction with KVE van shelving for further customization. 

Cargo Organization Solutions For Your Business

No matter your line of work, KVE has an extensive lineup of van equipment that can easily meet your needs. Choose from equipment for specific trades and vocations such as HVAC/plumbing van packages, electrician van packages, and general service/contractor van packages. All cargo van packages include specific van accessories and components ideal for your storage and organization needs. After selecting your van, choose a vocational van package in order to reap the many benefits of using Knapheide Van Equipment!

GENERAL SERVICE UPGRADE - This upgrade package is ideal for any general contractor looking for additional ways to sort and mobilize tools, parts, and inventory. This package typically includes shelf dividers, drawer dividers, portable boxes, storage cubbies, and a drop-down door.

ELECTRICIAN UPGRADE - Any electrical professional will appreciate the increase in productivity that this package provides. The portable cases keep small parts separated, have clear lids, and are rugged enough to stand on. It also includes shelf dividers, triple hooks, wire spool holders, and a storage pocket.

HVAC PLUMBING UPGRADE - Nothing makes transporting and managing inventory easier than the extra shelf boxes, portable boxes, storage pockets, triple hooks, and shelf dividers that come with this upgrade! Tanks can be strapped into place for a quieter ride and most packages also come with drop-down doors.


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