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AMF Bruns



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Made from 1 1/4" extruded aluminum and engineered to be one of the safest wheelchair and mobility transportation options in the world, the AMF Bruns flooring products are now bringing freedom to van enthusiasts all over North America! Whether you operate a company van and need a way to transport more people or want to build your own adventure van and need a way to bring your loved ones, the AMF Bruns is the only way to transport them safely.

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when you are looking for a way to add more passenger seating options to a vehicle. The AMF Bruns flooring system meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS), making it the only way to add seats to a van without sacrificing your peace of mind. The AMF Bruns flooring and Smartleg combination undergoes rigorous pull testing to ensure that your seats don't come loose from the floor or the van floor doesn't buckle in the event of a catastrophe. Gone are the days of through-bolting seats into the thin sheet metal of the van, adding a large washer or steel plate to the mix, and hoping for the best. 

The Volition Components 6-Rail design allows for up to three seats to be installed in a row across any van, making use of any of the Smartseat removeable seating options offered by AMF Bruns. There are a variety of seats available that range from a basic reclining seat with a three-point seatbelt to folding RV seats with child seat LATCH anchors. Moving any of the seats around is easy with the wheeled design of the Smartleg. Choose from a variety of floor covering options that can either take years of daily abuse or make your van warm and inviting. 

Click HERE to see the Pull Testing that AMF Bruns floors go through for your safety!

*Requires installation - pricing includes labor by Volition Components and covers basic, non-modified cargo vans only. Floor covering, seats, and floor trim are sold separately.

**Freight will be added once the floor is invoiced.


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