Package delivery van with wood railing and aluminum partition

Parcel Delivery 2.0: Electric Fleet

Volition Components, a leading provider of van conversion solutions, recently completed the installation of lightweight parcel delivery packages in multiple all-electric Ford Transit T350HD vans. These vans were converted from internal combustion engines to electric powertrains by Lightning eMotors, a leading provider of electric vehicle conversions.

The packages designed and installed by Volition Components the vans consisted of lightweight wall panels and a rigid flooring from Legend Fleet Global, aluminum uprights, and an aluminum partition from Westcan Manufacturing. This package is ideal for electric fleet vehicles as it helps to increase the range of the vehicle and reduces the overall weight on the electric powertrain.

The collaboration between Volition Components and Lightning eMotors was key to the success of these projects. Volition Components brought their expertise in van conversion solutions, while Lightning eMotors provided the electric powertrain conversion. Together, they were able to create custom solutions that met the specific needs of their clients.

The use of multiple all-electric Ford Transit T350HD vans is a great example of innovation in the parcel delivery industry. Not only does it reduce emissions and improve sustainability, but it also helps to lower operating costs for fleet owners. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the push for more sustainable transportation, projects like these demonstrate the potential for a greener future in the parcel delivery industry.

The team at Volition Components is proud to be a part of these innovative projects and looks forward to continuing to work with Lightning eMotors to bring more sustainable parcel delivery solutions to the market. With such great collaboration and industry-leading technology, it's no doubt that these all-electric Ford Transit T350HD vans will be game changers for the parcel delivery industry.

Delivery van with wood railing

Parcel van with wall paneling and wood railing

Ford Transit aluminum sliding door partition

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